There are some products that are always present in the traditional greek household. If you wish to make your kitchen “greek” you should have at least 8 of the above in your pantry/frigde.

  • Feta Cheese (make sure you try the genuine greek cheese, don’t confused it with the white cheese from the Nothern Europe)
  • Olive Oil ( be sure that you have two kinds of it; extra virgin olive oil for your salad and a basic olive oil for your cooking)
  • Olives (great traditional product, do try some olives other than the Kalamata ones)
  • Fakes/Lentils ( the best Greek lentils are from the island of Lefkada)
  •  Kefalotyri Cheese (something like pecorino cheese but more tasty)
  • Graviera Cheese ( something like Gruyere but tastier…Gruyere is just an acceptable substitute)
  •  Honey ( trust me Greek honey is the finest and very rich in minerals etc.)
  •  Dried Oregano from the greek provence!
  •  Kritharaki (orzo,  usually served with stews and Giouvetsi dishes)
  • Glyko Koutaliou/ Spoon Sweet ( seasonal sweet preserve, usually homemade, eaten with a teaspoon , great accompaniment with your evening coffee)
  • Gigandes Beans ( like the butter beans)
  • Pickled Wine leaves ( in brine or salted and dried or fresh)
  • Krokos Kozanis/ Greek Saffron from Kozani (high priced but really good for your health, you could buy some greek saffron and put some in a bottle of cold water, great taste!!!)

Dried saffron spice and Saffron flower

  •  Ouzo (anise-flavoured drink/aperitif,  be careful …it may be sweet and refreshing with the various mezze but it’s really strong!!!)
  • Tsikoudia/Raki ( Greek firewater!!!! have a shot of tsikoudia after a big feast, I said one!)

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